First Day of School 

Tomorrow, or technically after 4 hours, is the first day of school for my son. It’s not really his first day to school; he’s grade four, but it is the first day for him at this new school. 

I find myself unable to sleep and continuously thinking about this first day, what it is going to be like, how he is going to feel…etc. He has always been in the same school since KG. And it has been a female school; all teachers and management were females, although there were male students. But now since he is grade 4, he is going to be in a male school. I wonder if they allow me in to just have a look at him and his new class since I am female. I will try anyway. I feel it is a big milestone for him, but his father thinks I am over worried unnecessarily. 

I don’t know if this is normal or it is only me. I literally can’t sleep! And I find myself going back with my memories to my schooldays when I was going to my new school then for the first time after we moved from Egypt to Saudi Arabia. I was going to grade 5 then, and it wasn’t only a new school for me, it was a new country, new society, new everything. It was overwhelming and that day stayed in my forgetful memory until today for a reason. The thing I remember the most of that day is loneliness and loss. I don’t want him to go through that. I wish I knew any other parents or kids at this new school to introduce them to him. We don’t know anyone yet. That’s why feel I have to go with him tomorrow, although my husband is saying that I might be embarrassing my son by going with him. But I know I needed someone with me when I was his age.

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